RiverBrink Celebrates Completion of Phase One of the Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Opening, October 2013 2013-10-03 025On Thursday Oct 3 2013 RiverBrink Art Museum marked the completion of Phase One of the RiverBrink Accessibility Plan. With the new ramp, automatic door entry, and widened doorways, the main floor exhibitions are now wheelchair accessible. In addition, a viewing station with computer and touch screen has been installed on the main floor, providing virtual access to exhibitions on the upper and lower floors.

Completed in 1970, RiverBrink Art Museum needed a retrofit to become accessible to all. To achieve this purpose as quickly and efficiently as possible, complete accessibility to all three floors of the museum was divided into three phases:

Phase One – construction of a ramp and landing pad complemented by concrete parking pad for offloading wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Automatic door through side entrance. Door widening IMG_6586from reception into main exhibition spaces on main floor. Computer screen to enable all visitors virtual access to exhibitions on upper and lower floors.

Phase Two – design and retrofit of main level bathroom to full accessibility standards, completed March 2014.

Phase Three – installation of an elevator which would allow physical accessibility to all three floors.

RiverBrink is grateful to the many volunteers and individual donors, without whom this project would not have been made possible.  Funding for Phase One of the project began in earnest in autumn 2011, when a gala organized by volunteers raised $7,000 in private donations to start the RiverBrink Accessibility Fund. Additional private funds were raised through 2012 by grant applications, donations, raffle, draws and a generous private donation by an anonymous source.

RiverBrink would like to acknowledge and thank the following funders who have generously provided financial support:

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