New Incorporation of RiverBrink Art Museum





The Board of Directors of RiverBrink Art Museum is pleased to announce that the Museum has been incorporated as a separate, public trust art museum. Effective January 1 2016, RiverBrink Art Museum Inc. will carry on the operations and management of the Museum, independently of the Weir Foundation. This newly incorporated fine art museum will continue to develop exhibitions and public programming in Sam Weir’s former home in Queenston, Ontario.

This important change in governance structure represents a new chapter in the history of the Weir Foundation and an exciting new opportunity for the growth and development of RiverBrink Art Museum. Established in 1962, the Weir Foundation oversaw the transformation of the former private collection into a public institution following the death of Samuel E. Weir in 1981. Since opening the art museum to the public in 1983, the Weir Foundation has provided financial support for the operation of the Museum. This support will continue for the foreseeable future.

Sandra Lawrence, Vice-President, RiverBrink Art Museum
James A. Richardson, President, Weir Foundation