Director/ Curator’s Message

In 2017, the newly incorporated RiverBrink Art Museum continues to build and sustain an audience for the appreciation of fine art in the Niagara region. The remarkable collection assembled by Samuel Weir at his summer home, and the beautiful location of the museum on the Niagara River, in the historic village of Queenston, anchor our place in this community. RiverBrink is genuinely unique in Niagara, and we invite all who make their homes here and those who visit the region to join us in enrichment and learning.

Each year our exhibitions, educational programmes, and special events present opportunities for all, from LearnMore courses, to our talk series, to artist-led workshops. In this year of the sesquicentennial we present exhibitions that showcase how artists have responded to the changes underway in British North America on the eve of Confederation and the growth of the new Dominion. In the spring we present Treaty Robe, for Tecumseh by contemporary artist Bonnie Devine, on loan from the Art Gallery of Windsor, to reference the place of the Shawnee Warrior in the founding mythology of 19th-century Canada. Once again the permanent collection provides a rich source of material for an accompanying exhibition Canada at Confederation.  The commercial expansion, economic development, and industrial transformation of white settler colonies over the past one hundred and fifty years is central to the exhibition Dreams and Schemes – Building the Welland Canals,  opening in September. The succession of public and private projects to bypass Niagara Falls held considerable appeal for artists, who depicted the transformation of the landscape.  With these exhibitions we welcome you to RiverBrink as a visitor, as a volunteer, as a neighbour, and as a fellow-art lover. We hope to see you often.

Debra Antoncic