Strategic direction and support for RiverBrink Art Museum are given by the Board of Directors of RiverBrink Art Museum Inc. The Board brings to the museum a wide range of expertise and experience.

Board Of Directors:

Sandra Lawrence, Chair

Denis Greenall, Director

Allan Magnacca, Treasurer

Gary Zalepa, Secretary

Richard Baker, Director

Geoffrey Joyner, Director

Betty Disero, Director 

Linda Fritz, Weir Foundation Representative


Day to day operations of the museum are implemented and managed by staff, under direction and supervision of the Board and the Director/Curator.


Debra Antoncic, Director/Curator, ext. 24

Sonya Marie de Lazzer, Programming and Curatorial Assistantext. 22

Liz Simpson, Administrator, ext. 23

Carmen Robichaud, Custodian

Contract Staff:

Janet Marcynuk, Bookkeeper

Ed Biega, Lawns