Image of pneumatic lock at work - Harper 1895

New Exhibition! Dreams and Schemes: Building the Welland Canals

The opening of the Welland Ship Canal in 1932 represented the culmination of more than one hundred years of construction of an increasingly complex technical and engineering marvel. Throughout the 19th and 20th century, canal-building, along with the visible traces of earlier projects, held considerable appeal for artists. This exhibition presents a broad survey of canal-themed work in a variety of media, drawn from public and private collections.

Curated by Debra Antoncic

Exhibition dates:  September 28, 2017  until January 27, 2018. 


Image: W. Louis Sonntag, A Pneumatic Balance Lock on the Proposed Ship-Canal, Harper’s Weekly, September 21, 1895. Collection of Robert W. Sears.